William Ruoff | Week 9 Spring

This week I was in charge of making a composite of footage from unity and footage we took at the event to make it clear what the audience was seeing. We did this just so it was the best looking it could have been since some of the footage directly from the hololens was not that good looking.

Me and Christian had our hands in this over the weekend trying out different techniques to make the footage look as good as possible. Below is the finished footage that we edited.


Team Week 10

This week we focused on reworking the presentation. We had gotten a lot of feedback presenting in class and with our advisor the past few weeks, and tried to incorporate as much of that feedback into this new presentation. The new presentation introduces the project and our goals much more simply right at the beginning, then goes into interesting specifics about the project after everyone is familiar with what it is.

Tristan Timblin, PPJ, wk10

The last PPJ wow. This week was all about redoing our presentation. In a group meeting on Wednesday after our last class rehearsal, I went through the performance structure with Mikee where we planned out a better delivery. From this new presentation skeleton I filled in slides with content taken from over the year and worked with people on their individual slides. My work for the week can be found in the outcome of that power point.

Cyrus Majidy–Postmortem

This project was a great learning and growing experience for all of us. All of the tech people were working with technology we never worked with before. I was on the art side, so I did not touch any of that. I believe this project suffered heavily due to poor delegation of tasks. However, I do understand that everyone is dealing with other priorities and challenges here. I also understand that the nature of our project was much more risky than that of other teams. We did not have the luxury of defining our own project, or the agility to change the project as required/needed like other teams did because we were working to satisfy a stakeholder. Other teams could just do whatever they needed and/or wanted.

I was bummed out that I did not get to specialize in rigging while on this project. This project was supposed to be very animation and rigging intensive. The idea at the beginning was to spawn very many rigs with custom animation. Our project’s goals slowly became more art heavy rather than rigging and animation heavy, changing up the cards on all of us. I was pleased that I was able to create concept art for our project’s vision.

I am happy that our stakeholder was pleased. I was also very pleased to be able to meet Chelsea and Claire. I am very grateful that Chelsea was pleased with my artwork, that she felt it expressed her vision, bringing it to life.

Looking at all of the successful projects versus unsuccessful projects, I realized that the more successful ones were the ones who devoted more hours to the project, in addition to great organization and early prototyping. Again, they had the luxury of defining their project goals beforehand, where we did not. Moving forward, I would hope that we all do our best to emulate these in our future projects, however we can, as is appropriate in our duties.

Cyrus Majidy, Spring, PPJ, Week 9

I made GIFs for our presentation that illustrate the fact that I first painted in greyscale before adding color to all concept art images. It required a lot of iteration going back and forth between Adobe AE and Potoshop to see what worked best, while getting feedback from peers like Josh, Mikee, and Christian.


Hours Worked: 12

Michael Howard Postmortem

This project has been an important learning experience for me. This was an adventure into technology that I was unfamiliar with and was initially unsure about. I’ve always believed augmented reality platforms were best utilized as companions for learning or expression and our project allowed me to put that theory to the test. There are a number of things that could have been improved given the knowledge I have now but I’m still proud of creating a performance platform that was able to link nine devices and show the world of a composers imagination. I learned quite a few things about myself
over the course of the project that I hope will be useful to me in the future.

I think the most successful parts of the project involve our ability to work with and meet our clients expectations. Our ability to represent ideas expressed to us by our composer were also very successful. The team comes together nicely when we need to complete a performance. Coordinating with people outside of the team is strong at times but weak at others. I wouldn’t call parts of the project unsuccessful. I’d say there are parts of the project to expand upon. We accomplished what we intended to do but not to a degree that some may have been expecting. Expansions can be made to data interpretation, visuals, and user interface but these are all features to improve upon not ones that failed. Overall, I think the project was a success but I’m more interested in improving myself and examining my own success and failures with the project.

Team, TPJ wk09

We practiced our presentation each day over the holiday break, and redid our slides. After going through the raw footage from the performance late last week, we also edited together a few videos for our presentation. I think the presentation right now is still rough, but is definitely a step in the right direction.